Meet Bill Hobson

Executive Producer/Host


About Bill

The journey from the inception of MGL to our 17th season has been a whirlwind of road trips, conversation, penalty strokes, far too much food, wonderful partnerships, and a lifetime of memories tied to our efforts to grow the game.

We have truly been blessed with continual growth both in audience size and partnerships with destinations and advertisers. Some of the game's biggest names have been guests on MGL and we count it a privilege to share insight, recommendations, and (hopefully) a bit of wisdom with our audience across the many platforms of MGL.

Few things are more enjoyable than being able to meet the MGL audience when we're on the road, so please say hello if we happen to be at the same great destination!

(pictured, L to R: Alyssa, Bill, Ellen, Bo)

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  1. MGL Radio started as a 1-hour program aired on 5 rather small stations scattered around the state. Today, our 9 affiliates cover all the major markets in Michigan!
  2. The core of the MGL team has been the same for more than a dozen years. Poor Gregg and Dave have witnessed some truly bad swings and may need therapy to heal.
  3. Bill also serves as a consultant to numerous faith-based charities, focusing on their messaging to donors. He is frequently sought after as a speaker for fund raising events. For more info, visit
  4. No one has yet been able to estimate the total calorie intake from an MGL season of road trips, but the number likely resembles the national debt.

Bill Hobson (continued)

MGL represents only a part of Bill's professional world. Hobson Media Enterprises (HME) is very active in helping faith-based organizations across the nation improve their communication with supporters. Those efforts include direct mail consultation, production of both audio and video content, social media management, and much more. To learn more about the aspects of HME that reach beyond golf, CLICK HERE.